The Pagoda Tree takes to the stage – one night only, 18 August in London.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Hello Unbounders!


I’ve been holding off sharing this until it became real… but the first dance performance of The Pagoda Tree is in rehearsal. I’m over the moon about it! Now I know that my book really has ‘legs’ and has a life of its own. Today I saw the first glimpses of the show called “East meets West”, currently in rehearsal. Here, you can see for yourself.

There will be one performance only on 18 August in London. I won’t be there but any Londoners who’d like to go, please email back and I'll connect you to the organiser, Chamu Kuppuswamy. I’d love a 'Pagoda Tree envoy' to go on my behalf!

Here are the details:

Mahalakshmi temple in East Ham: 
7.00-8.30 pm, 18 August.

The performance brings together a dancers’ collective and uses text from my novel as the script. It’s an experimental piece and their target is "the Hindu community with a view to educating them about Bharathanatyam dance practice which is dwindling in performance.” Fantastic. They’re doing their rehearsals inside the temple itself - just like Maya would have done! 






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