The Pagoda Tree

By Claire Scobie

An epic novel set in eighteenth-century India about love, loss and exile, and the fate of individuals when two cultures collide

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The end is in sight...

Today 'The Pagoda Tree' hit 78% funding. Still three weeks to go, so fingers and toes crossed I'll get over the line. I'm asking my supporters to give one more push and spread the word to their networks. Let's get this thing published!

Thank you to the latest supporters: Mary Hickson, B Khano, Chris Doucas, Ruth Kennedy, writer Kathryn Heyman, an anonymous donor, Katrina Edwards, Diana Yeldham, David Kruger, Giles Derry, Joanna Maxwell, Jimmy Anderson, Joel Victoria, Robert Bluck and Stuart Reid.

And thanks to Aden for the groovy 'word salad' graphic!

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