The Pagoda Tree

By Claire Scobie

An epic novel set in eighteenth-century India about love, loss and exile, and the fate of individuals when two cultures collide

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Thank you -- together WE did it!

Time for another big thank you to all the generous supporters who’ve helped me get ‘The Pagoda Tree’ over the line by my 30 June deadline. Woo hoo! Sending you all virtual hugs and thumbs up and arm waving jiggy dances and lots of namastes. Together WE did it! Look forward to seeing all these new names of supporters at the back – with more to come. Stuart Reid, Robert Bluck, Joel Victoria, Jimmy Anderson, Joanna Maxwell, Giles Derry, David Kruger, Diana Yeldham, Katrina Edwards, Eric Webb, Wayne Holden (again!), Abercrombie & Kent Australia, Susan Johnston, Cristina Huesch, Leslie Burrows, Lucy Crawford, Glyn O Jones, Rebecca Caroe, Julia Rees, Grant Eaton, Joy Anderson, Beverley Tarquini, Mary Stewart-Hunter, Jenny Doughty, Eleni Calligas, Jenna Wright, Stephanie Scott, Steve Blundell, Martin Archer, Toni Smerdon, Suzanne LaPrade, Peter Ey, Richard Craven (again!), Veena Kanda, Judy Munday; writers Peter Wilson, Barbara Carmichael.Annee Lawrence, Jeremy Lovering, Jane Messer, Sarah Armstrong, writer and fellow Unbounder Salena Godden.

Photo by Jet 1282

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Katie Hinshelwood
 Katie Hinshelwood says:

Congratulations Clare!!!! A mammoth effort from you and all involved. I'm so excited about The Pagoda Tree and I can hardly wait to sink into a garden lounge and start reading. Thank you so much, thanks to Unbound and many thanks to everyone who pledged. Katie H

posted 4th July 2016

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