Taking the leap

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Even 10 years ago, it was enough to write a good book and the publisher would then sell, distribute and market that book. Today, you need to be prepared to ‘package’ what you do, and become an expert in your chosen area. Recently, a Sydney-based publisher told me, ‘It’s not enough for authors to write a book and expect us to promote it. They need to do everything they can to make sure it sells. We won’t accept books nowadays if we don’t think the author is prepared to do the hard yards in promoting it.’ That’s the reality today - it’s all about trying new approaches, getting on social media and gathering a like-minded community around you.

I’m doing just that by taking the leap to crowdfund my novel, 'The Pagoda Tree', through Unbound. Thanks to everyone who has given support so far. Please help me by continuing to spread the word... anything big or small helps notch up the campaign to a successful outcome. So share with your friends and other book lovers!

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