It's the journey that counts

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Looking back through some of my earlier blog posts about writing, I came across a reference to Unbound back in   March 2012. This is what I said: “This intriguing British company allows authors and readers to ‘decide which books get published.’ This is how it works. You submit your book idea to the site. Then readers will pledge support (i.e money) to ‘make the book happen.’ As a sponsor, you then get your name printed in every edition of the book. I need to find out more if this actually works, but it’s another exciting example of entrepreneurialism in times of uncertainty.” It’s amazing to think that now I am actually doing it! And that in 10 days I've nearly reached 30%. Times of uncertainty and change always encourage innovation and even though we might not know the outcome, isn't it always about the journey that's important? Thanks again for sharing mine.

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