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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My novel, ‘The Pagoda Tree’, opens in 1765 when India is on the cusp of change. This little known period was a time of incredible beauty, discovery, and brutality. But what really fascinated me was that there was a possibility of exchange between cultures, one which vanished during the later Victorian, or Raj, era. Many accounts exist of British men having sexual liaisons with Indian women, some of whom were dancing girls, yet these have rarely been explored in fiction. It seemed to be an untold story – not only of the figure of the temple dancer but also of mixed relationships in this pivotal moment of history. And those untold stories are what us writers are always looking for. Thanks again to all my supporters so far. I'm making good headway but please continue to spread the word to you friends and networks. Anything (big or small) helps notch-up the campaign towards a successful outcome…. Whether pledging, sharing or promoting :) 

Caption: Man with a Hooker

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