Busy November for The Pagoda Tree

Monday, 13 November 2017

It has been a very busy month with back to back events and good news for the The Pagoda Tree. 

First, I would like to thank again The Reading AgencyUnbound and all the book clubs for joining me on the live Twitter Q&A earlier this month. 

Here's just a taste of what questions were asked from the Extraordinary Book Group in Devon, another from Burley, Houghton Book Club in Leeds and the schmanzy-sounding Red Door Bistro in Wigan.

- One of our group wonders how you felt confident writing from the perspective of a child in another time, country and culture?

- @clairescobie Did the voices of the children and Sita stay with you after you finished the book June asks

- Judith asks, as her creator do you view Maya as exploited or privileged as a devadasi?

This one was particularly interesting: 


And lastly, as they sign off... @clairescobie Eh up lass we at Red Door just want to Thank you It were grand . Cheers!

There was also the Book Discussion about Lost Artistry, Lost Humanity and a Collision of Cultures in 18th Century India with author and renowned journalist Mick Brown at the Nehru Centre in London last November 9. 


You do all sorts as a writer. Here, I’m disclosing how I interview my characters. Bit bonkers, really! 


Lastly, happy to share with you my very first reviews for The Pagoda Tree from the Indian press. 

'Scobie does not whitewash the crimes of colonialism. [The title of the novel] refers to the money tree lusted after by every white man with little to do at home. They shook it for all it was worth.’  -  in the prestigious India Today magazine.

'An opulently imagined world that... circles around the life of Mayambika, a temple dancer in 18th century Thanjavur, and later Madras.... [and] a rattling good tale.' - in the flagship national, The Hindu.

Please click on the links to read the entire review :)

Hearing direct from readers — and supporters — like yourselves means so much to me as a writer! And on that note, I would love it if you could all spread the word and post an honest review on Amazon.co.uk about The Pagoda Tree. These reviews really matter… And if you enjoyed it, why not give a copy to a friend for Christmas :) 

Claire x

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