The Outer Circle

By Ian Ridley

Set in the week following the London Olympics, this novel imagines an attack on London Central Mosque and follows five people caught up in its aftermath

Friday, 27 January 2017

Thanks for coming...

SO, my novel, The Outer Circle, has gone up on Unbound. The first thing to say is thank you to Unbound for helping me get it here - particularly Phil Connor in the office and Mark Bowsher for his smashing video - and all who have made it to this page, especially to those who have pledged so far.

I am - I'm going to say it - proud of this manuscript. I have worked long and hard on crafting and cajoling the words. My experiences in scriptwriting with the Sky One drama series Dream Team have helped me to plot it intricately and make sure it all hangs together.

As I blog more, I'll say more about how that happened and the process involved; about how I researched it all and the events I attended to make sure I got my facts right.

It took me about three years physically to write the book but a lifetime to get to writing it. The book has a strong plot, I hope, and interesting characters but I hope too it has things to say about the world I have known best for all my working life - newspapers - and the modern, rapidly changing society in which the papers operate.

Yes, my trade has been sports writing - known in newspaper offices as the toy department - but that's never stopped me taking an interest in what happens at the front of the paper, and having an ear and an eye for what goes on in our society.

As this process goes on, I will be organising events for those who have pledged at the appropriate levels and they should be a lot of fun. 

For the £60 Q and A on sports book writing, I will be offering signed sports books to those who attend. And for the £150 lunch(es) with sporting figures (identities to be announced soon), there will be signed copies of one of the autobiographies I have written.

I have made this blog public to all but will keep some blogs private just for subscribers so they get the value they deserve for helping me with this. I am planning a blog soon just for those who have pledged on my forthcoming new book with Tony Adams...

More to follow... Just wanted to get the ball rolling and thank those who've set out on this adventure with me. Really appreciate your support, financial and moral.

Please tweet and tell your friends and family about the venture if you feel able.


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