The Othered Woman: How White Feminism Harms Muslim Women

By Shahed Ezaydi

An essential addition to the intersectional feminism discourse, centred on gendered Islamophobia.

Monday, 21 November 2022

Approaching a third funded, thank you!

I still cannot believe that we launched The Othered Woman's crowdfunding campaign in September and we're already SO close to being a third funded! Not only that but I've also had so many lovely conversations with people and publications about the book and why it's so needed in the world of feminist literature, and beyond. So, I'm deeply humbled and honoured. But the hard work isn't over yet! If you haven't pledged yet, please do support the book if you can, and if you've already pledged, please send the crowdfunder to family, friends, colleagues, exes - you name it. Spreading the word is key.

Regarding the writing process, I've nearly finished working on the second chapter which is quite exciting and finding the process so enriching and enlightening, which I hope you will too when it comes round to reading the (hopefully!) published book.

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