The Othered Woman: How White Feminism Harms Muslim Women

By Shahed Ezaydi

An essential addition to the intersectional feminism discourse, centred on gendered Islamophobia.

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

A very happy new year

Hello! I can't believe we're three days into 2023 already but I for one am glad to see the back of 2022. I'm a big fan of fresh starts, resolutions, and embracing the 'new me' attitude. Even if it only lasts for a few weeks... As well as exercising more and going on social media less, I also included feeling hopeful as one of my new year resolutions. I really do think hope is a powerful thing and something that's been missing from so many of our lives as we see the UK (and the world) become that bit more grim. Because it isn't all grim - there are so many positive and joyful things to care about and feel hopeful towards, especially when it comes to fighting for a better world. And so, yes, I want to make sure that I focus less on the negativity (but not completely ignore it) and actively look for the hopefulness in my life and the world around me.

Another goal that I have for 2023 is to get this book funded! I'm so very grateful for all the support we've received so far, it's been amazing and emotional to see all the pledges come through over the past few months. The Othered Woman was even named on Dazed's political books to look out for, which is just unreal to me? Speechless.

For January, I've set the pretty ambitious goal of reaching 50% funding by the end of the month. So, please do pledge what you can or if you've already pledged, forward on the campaign link to family, friends, colleagues etc. Thank YOU.

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