The Othered Woman: How White Feminism Harms Muslim Women

By Shahed Ezaydi

An essential addition to the intersectional feminism discourse, centred on gendered Islamophobia.

Monday, 22 May 2023

9 months of crowdfunding...

Hello again! What a difference a couple of months can make eh. The last time I updated this page was back in early March and since then we've had Ramadan and Eid in April, as well as a job loss. I was sadly let go from my job at Bustle (journalism is truly on its knees at the mo!) at the end of March and since then, the job search is *real*. However, one thing that's kept me going and has given me a structure to my days is researching and writing this book. And so, I'm sharing this video I recorded a few weeks ago explaining what we mean when we talk about white feminism and how it harms women of colour. It's something I also talked about in this recent Mashable explainer too.

Thank you again for all your support, and if you haven't pledged yet, please do xxx

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