The Other Things

By Jonathan Dransfield

An extraordinary story of how six children became the first astronauts to go to Mars.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Yes it's happening! & Last chance to support!

Here it is ....... The full cover ..... It's fantastic!!!


117 people have shown their generosity in backing this novel and their help and support has enabled it to get to this stage.

Today my publishers confirm that 7th February 2019 will be the publication date. They also sent over the final book cover which looks fanastic. 

Important dates - 

6th January - This is when the supporter's subscriptions close. This is the last chance to become part of the family of backers of this novel. Do please tell friends and family of the benefits of their support. They will not only have their names in print as supporters, they can still have the chance of all the other benefits like the archtectural consulations or a signed print of one of the fantastic illustrations. It also helps fund the publicity costs to make this book a great success. (Patrons can always upgrade to these levels too - before the 6th).

Thursday 7th February - Private View -  Patrons only preview of the original illustrations and my chance to say thank you directly to you. Venue - Studio M 1a Morocco Street London SE1 3HB - Start time 5.30pm onward (but don't worry if you are late!)

Friday 8th February - Public opening and opportunity for friends to come who can't make it on the 7th. 

We are also working on the website and will send you all a link to it within the next few days. Feedback would be great!

The exhibition and the copy of the book will be a great opportunity for those supporters who have pledged for a print or original to make their choices. There are over 90 illustrations to choose from. For those 19 people who have not yet had their architectural consultions we shall be over to you soon.

Looking forward to having the actual book in circulation - and the party!!





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