The Other Things

By Jonathan Dransfield

An extraordinary story of how six children became the first astronauts to go to Mars.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunsets and a Spinning Planet

While I was writing the novel, I delibrately included descriptions of sunsets to remind us that we live on a spinning planet. For the past few weeks I have been editing the draft down to 115,000 words.

This allowed me the oportunity to tweak the text. I had set a scene in Victoria falls, but when I thought of one of the most sublime moments I've witnessed, I relocated it to Lake Kariba. I particularly wanted to include an illustration I'd shared with close family. Here it is, just finished and I hope to have captured the light and reflections that evening.

This week I'd really like to thank Clive, Kristen, Adam, Henry and Chakib for their support. We've now reached 65% of our target. The last 35% are probably the most difficult so I'd be grateful if you could pass the word onto to your friends to help get us there.

Also I've heard from Zulu and Thando, they are doing a great job with the new orphanage and we hope to send them a donation in the next week.



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