The Other Things

By Jonathan Dransfield

An extraordinary story of how six children became the first astronauts to go to Mars.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Ready for Take Off Thanks to You!

Thank you!

Thanks to all your pledges we have reached our target! The last three months have been very busy accumulating the funding  to publish the novel, now the next stage will begin. However it's not been all just fundraising, I have also been editing the script to 115,000 words and working on the final illustrations. 

The Illustations

The early illustrations are drawn with a fine drafting pen, the later ones which contain the space vehicles are computer generated and in colour (More about this in the next post). To give a cohesive feel I have been redrawing these in pen.

The Exhibition

We are organising an exhibition of all the illustrations in May. This will be celebration of the novel and an opportunity to chose the originals or prints for those supporters.

The Next Stage

 Unbound will be working hard to put together the script, illustations, and layout for printing. The book will then be launched. I will keep you all posted on progress and invites to the exhibition and launch.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support and kindness to made this happen.




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