The Other Things

By Jonathan Dransfield

An extraordinary story of how six children became the first astronauts to go to Mars.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019



The Montgenevre Book Club!

Early readers are posting reviews on Amazon. Here's one:-

This is a brilliant (political?) sci-fi story that takes you in head-first in the first chapter. From what's certain to be an apocalypse leading to a decision to recreate the space race of the last century, this story has a perfect balance of tension and humour at the right moments. Some of the jokes are very subtle, and I didn't notice at first but laughed when I imagined the potential meanings, and had to laugh again when I realised it was intended. It does seem to be ever so subtly making a parody of the world we live in, and I just love it. Imagine politics crossed with science, and make it into a drama - this gives you that. The author is clearly scientifically minded, and definitely did his homework - which makes it feel very vivid. At the same time, anyone could enjoy it as it would appeal to a wide audience, I believe, as it is very gripping. I anticipate a sequel!

I hope this will encourage supporters to get reading and please note - Book sales are driven by Amazon and these reviews are really important. The more reviews the more they will push it. I'd love to see your honest reviews posted. Feed back is really important and they don't have to be long.

Interesting plot line, well written and kept me engaged all the way through. The illustrations are wonderful and really add to the experience

So if you're enjoying the story and can spare a couple of minutes please go to -

This book was gripping from start to finish; also loved the fact that there are great illustrations all the way through- this really adds to the experience. As an avid sci-fi fiend; It is totally my genre; I can't help thinking that it would also make a great film. The characters are really believable and likeable, and the storyline is so imaginative and gripping with quite a lot of tongue in cheek humour... looking forward to Dransfield's second book!

Please note: - If you missed the launch, we are having an opening evening this Friday 28th Feb at:-

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