It's truly amazing what you can see from your own doorstep!

Monday, 21 January 2019

Two years ago we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to witness the spectacular Great American Eclipse.

Last night I got up at 2:30am and stayed up to watch the unfolding 'Super Wolf Moon' lunar eclipse.

Ok! the eclipse of the moon by the earth's shadow is a subtle and less exhilarating affair than the transcendent beauty of a full solar job, but it was certainly worth getting up for. The top illustration is of the moon with the earth's shadow starting to envelop it.

Here is the scene (photographed from my kitchen french windows) half an hour later!

Now that is a wonderful sight! The red is, just like dawn or sunset, the light of the sun being refracted through our atmosphere. This just like a sieve it stains out all the blue and green tones leaving red

Then came the clouds and that was it. 

These events are witness to the workings of our extraordinary planet and it's sister the moon and their relation to their parent our sun.



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