The Other Things

By Jonathan Dransfield

An extraordinary story of how six children became the first astronauts to go to Mars.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Have you ever been to Iceland?

If you have, you will know that it is an extraordinary part of our planet.

The landscape has a transcendent beauty that uplifts the spirit and expediates the coldness of it's climate.

It is also a place where the nature of this earth is on show. We easily forget that we live on a thin skin of rock ontop of a vast molten ball of magma, here that heat literally seeps out of the ground and rugged and raw geology reminds that the earth is still restless and active.

This is why I choose to set many of the scenes in this place and why the desolation of its interior has often been chosen as training ground for astronauts. 


Here the children are seen in training, just as we had taken our kids through the barren and steamy interior.

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