The Optimist

By Sophie Kipner

A delusional girl’s very misguided search for love

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Update on The Optimist!

Hello Wonderful Supporters and Friends,

To keep you all up to date as promised, I've just finished editing "The Optimist" with my most wonderful editor, Rachael Kerr, and it is now in the hands of production! I'm working on chapter head illustrations at the moment, and have just had the first round of book cover options come through, all of which I'm very excited to share with you when ready!

I have also uploaded some video excerpts from various chapters in the book, each of which are read by friends who have interpreted Tabitha in their own way. Hope you enjoy these little teasers. 

More to come! Thank you for your patience and help in spreading the word about The Optimist!





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