The Optimist

By Sophie Kipner

A delusional girl’s very misguided search for love

Friday, 20 October 2017

Enter-to-Win Competition for an Original Illustration!

Hello, Hello!

Do you have any Tabitha moments? I do! (Well, of course I do.) I always know, for example, that I've been single for too long when a doctor's visit feels good or when I start to leave small, harmless metal objects in my pockets at the airport, just to get frisked. I mean, don't you? ;) One of my favorite reviews of the book so far has been that my protagonist Tabitha "at once makes you feel less crazy by comparison but also less alone for believing in that kind of love." We might not be as wild or as insane as Tabby, but I think many of us have found ourselves in the middle of stories we could imagine Tabitha getting herself into, and I'd love to hear some!

So as the book nears its 6th-month birthday, Unbound and I are celebrating our most embarrassing stories with a competition asking readers to tweet their very own awkward, agonizingly misguided Tabitha moments. Tweet your cringe-worthy story with the hashtag #SoTabitha to enter to win an original illustration from the book! The winner will be able to pick the illustration of his or her choice from those available. 

Deadline is Oct 23rd, so hurry! I'll be looking out for your #SoTabitha moments... now let's get crazy!


And thank you, everyone, for continuing to share and post your pics with the book! It's such a thrill!



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