The Optimist

By Sophie Kipner

A delusional girl’s very misguided search for love

Monday, 3 July 2017

Dear Optimists...

Dear Optimists, 

Apologies for the tardy update but I’m still spinning with excitement over the incredible launch, signing tour, and overall reception of The Optimist since its publication just over a month ago! Hopefully all of you have received your copies of it by now. I’ve been seeing lots of you tag it on social media and it’s been such a thrill. 

I wanted to thank many of you for coming - for those of you who were in town and could make it - and to reach out to those who weren’t able to be there with this update and pictures. The actual launch party at The Society Club (where I worked while I wrote the novel) was beyond fun, boozy, crowded, and at times, almost too hot with all those bodies even though it was raining outside!

The days following were filled with book signings at Waterstones bookstores all around London. It was such an enormously special experience to be able to see The Optimist on the shelves of shops I used to frequent while I lived there, hoping for that exact day to come where I could see my very own book there, too. Included are some wonderful pictures from friends (thanks to KK Gas Perales, Doug Freund, Caitlin Harvey and Joanna Dudderidge especially). 




And as of this morning, The Optimist was ranked #24 on the kindle charts for best-selling literary satire fiction! WOO HOO! And it’s been receiving great reviews with the press it’s had so far (in particular The Daily Mail and The Pool, and an upcoming feature in Grazia magazine!)… But here’s where I need you guys (sorry): The more reviews I get, the better it helps the book to be discoverable and grow on the charts. I know it’s a slow game, but any help would be great and incredibly appreciated. So when you’re done, and if you’re so inclined, please review it honestly on Goodreads, if you can. Both links are below (and you can use the same review for both!):

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to get The Optimist out there! 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Please keep me posted on what you think (for anyone who doesn’t have it, my email is

Lots of love, always, and for those of you in the states, Happy 4th of July!

xo Sophie


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