The Optimist

By Sophie Kipner

A delusional girl’s very misguided search for love

Monday, 20 February 2017

Book Cover!

Hello again, Optimists!

Thrilled to share the cover of The Optimist with you! Hope you like it as much as we do. And also beyond excited to announce that it has been optioned by Ugly Duckling Films to be developed for TV! 

Production is moving forward and on schedule. Next up is promo! Flash mob on the tube of 50 people reading The Optimist and laughing in unison? Plastering stickers of the cover all over the city? Encouraging people to share their most embarrassing and cringe-worthy love-seeking stories in a 'Who's Most Like Tabitha?" contest of sorts? We are putting our heads together to think of some fun ways to promote the book, but I wanted to open it up to everyone's thoughts! Are there any gorilla marketing ideas out there? Suggestions, both wild and tame, very welcome.

Let's get crazy!



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Max Levy
 Max Levy says:


The promo needs to be interesting and fun - people also like free stuff ? maybe a competition (boring I know) or "live give away" based on the swap of a good "cringe worthy" story.... USP - its signed by the author and her cat ?

Standard marketing stuff - "know your audience"; who's going to buy the book ? (demographic) - great summer time read / light / funny etc etc.... Good Luck !!


posted 21st February 2017

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