The Office

The Office

By Stephen Nurse, Darren Richman and Sam Tyack£10.00
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About The Book

From the makers of the chart-topping Out of Office podcast.

In 1998, a failed pop star (Ricky Gervais, obviously) and a BBC production course student (Stephen Merchant… it’s a good name), created the short film Seedy Boss as part of the latter’s coursework. Little could they have realised that within just three years the world would be introduced to Wernham Hogg, and The Office, a mockumentary that got worse test audience scores than women’s bowls. Despite that lukewarm initial reception, The Office would go on to win five BAFTAs and two Golden Globes, on its way to becoming the most influential sitcom of modern times.

The cultural legacy of The Office is undimmed by the passage of time, in shows such as This Country and People Just do Nothing, but also in the countless personalities forged by the socially awkward, fame-hungry middle manager David Brent and his staff. It would be no exaggeration to suggest it has permanently altered the way the best of us communicate with each other and the very words we use to express ourselves. In a way. Now, 25 years later, three of those personalities (aka seedy little men with seedy little jokes) bring you The Office: a good idea FOREVER (a book Finchy would undoubtedly read in a week), your comprehensive guide to The Office from its early inception as Seedy Boss to the conclusion of the Christmas special, perhaps the zenith of British comedy in the golden age of television. Learn that.
'It shouldn’t have worked. When <em>The Office</em> first aired on a Monday evening in July of 2001, nothing suggested an epochal event was in the offing.'

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    Wow! Thank You! That's backfired... We might bloody have to write the book now! Almost at 10% in the first week is fantastic, thanks so much for your support! We're all buzzing to start piecing the bo...


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