The Mule

By David Quantick

Sex, Paris, murder, an imaginary world and an untranslatable book

Monday, 2 February 2015

"Winmni La Pü Y Piggli."

The most useless book in the world is a translation of a children's classic into a dead language. Some examples of this awful academical tweevery include:

Winnie Ille Pu, the Latin version of Winnie The Pooh.

Fabvula De Jemima Anate Aquatica, the Latin version of The Tale Of Jemima Puddleduck

and Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone in ancient Greek.

Nobody, as far as I know, has translated any children's books into an untranslatable language.

Nobody has.



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Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

Nobody does it better.

posted 3rd February 2015

Ben Dawson
 Ben Dawson says:

At school, we gave a performance of Winmni La Pü Y Piggli - a cast of children with little understanding of what they were saying and an audience with even less - except the bouncing...that translated well.

posted 6th August 2015

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