The Moor

By Sam Haysom

A group of 13-year-old boys go hiking on the moors of South West England -- and gradually begin to disappear, one by one.

Monday, 30 April 2018

The countdown begins...

I started writing The Moor two-and-a-half years ago. After many months of re-writes, tweaks, and edits, it was picked up by Unbound last summer. Now, thanks to all of you, it's only a week away from being published!

I got my first physical copies in the post on Monday, and you should be getting yours through any day now.

In preparation for the big day, I have one final (really important) favour to ask...

Amazon reviews

When The Moor's published on Tuesday 8th May, you'll be able to add a review for it on Amazon. If there's any way you could do this I will be enormously grateful. Amazon reviews are crucial. The bottom line is the more reviews we get, the more exposure the book gets -- your review will literally impact how many people see it and buy it.

It doesn't have to be pages and pages, either -- whether it's a couple of paragraphs or a couple of lines, it really will make all the difference.

Thank you so much in advance, and I hope you enjoy my book! Next stop, publication day...

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