The Monster Café

By Sean Leahy and Mihály Orodán (Illustrator)

A book for children

Thursday, 21 February 2019

I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!


Firstly, thank you SO much to everyone who made it along to our little launch party for The Monster Café. We had such a fun time reading the book to the kids and making up some new monsters to live in the town! It seemed by the volume like they all had fun too.

Thanks also to Mada Deli for allowing us to intrude on their quiet afternoon, and The Alligator's Mouth bookshop for selling copies for us. Do visit them if you're ever in Richmond, it's truly a joyous shop.

And so with that, the book is out in the wild! The repsonse so far has been overwhelming, so thank you all again for helping make this thing a reality. It's been something, I tell you!

Now it's available, if we're able to ask one last thing of you, then prepare yourselves, cos here it is:

Spread that word, my beauties! The more people that know about it, the better. If you could leave a review for the Monster Café on Amazon, that would be AMAZING (you don't have to have bought it from there). Or a review on Goodreads, that's nice too. Maybe shout it through a rolled up magazine at passing cars, or whisper it into the ear of a nearby teacher. Order 300 copies and hand them out to school. That sort of thing. THAAAAANK YOOOOOOU!

While I have your attention, I may as well tell you that with the whirlwind that is World Book Day fast approaching in a couple of weeks, I'm going to be visiting local schools that week to do book readings and Q&As with the kids, which I am really looking forward to as well. I have a couple of spots free, so if you're a teacher or head or very perceptive 4 year old, then don't hesitate to drop me a line about visiting your school. You don't have long!

So that's that then. Oh heck, I'll say it once more before I go, THANKS, WE LOVE YOU.

All the very best,
Sean + Mike

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