The Monster Café

By Sean Leahy and Mihály Orodán (Illustrator)

A book for children

Monday, 30 April 2018

Close to close

I had a little reminder this morning on my timehop app that it is two years to the day that we launched The Monster Café on Unbound. It has been quite the fairground ride, and speaking as someone who once went a shade of Dulux Eggshell White when stepping on to the Indiana Jones rollercoaster at Disneyland Paris, I am quite happy to say it's amost over.

How close though, Sean? You've teased us before, you rascal.

True, but this time I've got a deadline for you. So strap yourselves in (you should've done that at the start of the ride to be honest, but don't worry, we'll all be leaving this clumsy metaphor soon enough), because here it is:


At midnight on Sunday, the list is closed and you will no longer have the option of any of those delicious pledge levels you can see on our home page! That's right, no more signed editions for you, Brenda. Sorry Karen, that limited, signed and hand-numbered giclée print is off the table. Dry your eyes pal, you had TWO YEARS, so stop your snivelling. 

Once Monday rolls around, the opportunity to have your name printed in the book along with the list of the other fine citizens of Pledgeville is gone forever. Your copy will have all those lovely names in, but NOT yours. So if you want to be in that exclusive club, with your own real-life-point-at-this-bit-in-the-back-ability, then now is the time to get involved.

And here's the real doozy…

Everyone who has pledged by sunday may well (we hope!) get their copy by Christmas.


All those "oh I'll get it off Amazon when it's out" contrarians will have to wait till the offical release in February, but YOU, you dear lovely "Sean and Mike, I believe in you" beauties could be holding yours in time to wrap it and pop it under the tree. Now wouldn't that be something?

Obviously I need to apply a generous layer of *disclaimer* here, but barring any naughtiness they should be with you in time for then. We promise we'll do everything to make that happen.

And as a treat for being so patient and reading all the way through to here, you deserve a look at the cover, I think. So here it is:

Good grief, that makes me excited. Just look at that big blue fella. Is he mean, is he your best mate? WHO KNOWS! Well, we do, and if you've already bought your copy then you will soon enough too, won't you? Yep.

So go tell your auntie to buy four more copies, there's a poppet.

Sean + Mike

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