The Middle Years: When the kids grow up... and everything goes tits down

By Liz Fraser

Indispensable and hilarious* notes on midlife (*possibly)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I bloop.

I decided to shoot a spanking new video for Lifeshambles. 

So off I went to London to shoot it in a setting that's more 'me' and more relaxed - outside. 

Within thirty seconds I realised  why nobody should ever try  to shoot a video in London  outside. . .

Basically we laughed. And swore. Non stop. For an hour.
It was all VERY professional. 

Here are the bloopers*:

The 'proper' video will be here SOON, though to be honest I think this bloopers clip says more about Lifeshambles than almost anything else!


(*warning - contains rude words. But not half as many as were actually uttered on the day.)



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