The Mash House

By Alan Gillespie

A tribal story about secrets, death and malt whisky

Friday, 7 May 2021

Publication Day

My dear mashheads,

Yesterday our gorgeous book, The Mash House, was officially released into the wilds. It is available online, in-store, delivered to your door. Thank you for being such a fundamental part of my writing journey.

I have a final favour to ask, if you can stomach it. Please review and rate the book on Goodreads and Amazon?

This helps me to climb the algorithms and gives the book a better chance of success. Even if your review is just two words long, it will have an impact.

Look at this gorgeous promotional photograph from Unbound. Doesn't it look cracking?

I have been taking part in some exciting podcasts, events and radio broadcasts. The best way to keep up with these, if you're interested, is to follow along on social media @afjgillespie.

That's it from me on here. I do hope you enjoy the book. So long, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

All the best,

Alan x

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