The Mash House

By Alan Gillespie

A tribal story about secrets, death and malt whisky

Monday, 28 October 2019

How to Upgrade Your Support

Hello mashguys and mashgals,

The weather is turning cold here in Scotland, and with 66% the crowdfunding campaign for our book THE MASH HOUSE is officially into its final third. You might think the hard part is over.

In this update, I'm going to be making some fairly outrageous suggestions that you might struggle to tolerate. Crowdfunding has compelled me to post more often on social media, and send more emails and DMs than have sometimes been comfortable. If you've already had enough of my pleas for support, you may want to close this window just now. We'll say no more about it.

If, however, you've not yet had your fill of my amateurish PR stunts, then consider this: you can Ugrade your support for THE MASH HOUSE, and help bring the campaign to a quicker conclusion. This will get the book to the printers, and your home, faster.

You can help out by either pledging a little more money on top of your book order. Or, you can boost your current order and purchase a second book.

If this isn't something you want to consider, then it's no problem. I'll catch you another time.

But, if you think you've got the desire and means to upgrade your support, here's a quick guide on how to go about it:

1. Log in to your account at, using the email address and password you registered with. It's at the top right corner of the homepage.


2. You'll see a list of your Supported Projects, including THE MASH HOUSE.


4. At the bottom of this screen, you'll see an area called Manage Project. In here, you can change your address for delivery and alter the names you want printed in the book.


5. There's a brightly-coloured button called Upgrade or Donate. Click this if you're interested in doing either.


6. Donations are simply an added cash amount which tops up your pledge. Even small donations are very, very welcome, and would contribute immensely to the campaign.


7. If you prefer to Upgrade your order, you can do so here as well. This allows you to buy more books, and access other rewards, in return. Maybe a second book as a gift for someone. You'll be able to add their name into the back of the book, next to your own, in the list of patrons.

Of course, you need do none of this. Your support is already greatly appreciated, and I apologise again for the desperate depths to which I am stooping here. Winter is coming and there's frost on the ground. Thank you for your kindness and tolerance.


Alan x

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