The Mab

By Matt Brown and Eloise Williams

Eleven epic stories from the Mabinogion, retold by Welsh writers. Foreword by Michael Sheen.

Monday, 19 October 2020

The Mab and Michael Sheen

Hi there,

I hope you're having a good start to the week. Last week, something amazing happened. Michael Sheen (yes, THAT Michael Sheen) supported The Mab. He said

"The Mab is a beautiful retelling of the Mabinogion, for children. Help new generations fall in love with Blodeuwydd, Bran the Blessed and the rest of these epic and ancient stories."

This led to us getting a lot of new supporters (welcome) and an interview with BBC Radio Wales. I thought you might be interested to listen to Eloise and I chatting about our favourite Mabinogion stories, why it's important to keep these stories alive, and how myths can take on new and exciting forms when they're retold for a new audience.

I hope you enjoy it. Please keep spreading the word about The Mab. We've over halfway there but still need lots more people to support us if we're going to make it to 100% funding.

Thanks so much,


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Suzie Wilde
 Suzie Wilde says:

Well done! I'm already a supporter and really want to see this published. I've been inspired by some of the Mabinogion stories since I was told them by my mum at bedtime. Also trying to get the final book in my Bera trilogy funded right here so this has given me a spur. Thank you!

posted 20th October 2020

Matt Brown
 Matt Brown says:

Thanks so much for supporting, Suzie. Please spread the word of The Mab to friends and family that you think might like it. And good luck with your book. I'll check it out :)

posted 20th October 2020

Beth House
 Beth House says:

So great to hear this news- is there any way we can see the target and where we are so far? I'm a prevous supporter and I'd love to have some idea of what is left to raise- mainly so I can help spread the word!

posted 20th October 2020

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