The Mab

By Matt Brown and Eloise Williams

Eleven epic stories from the Mabinogion, retold by Welsh writers. Foreword by Michael Sheen.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

NEW: The Mab Postcards

Great news. We're making postcards from some of Max Low's incredible artwork from The Mab. The postcards will be sent to everyone who has supported The Mab when we reach 125% funded. We've settled on the first four images from the book, which are the retellings of the four branches. Here they are, with a little bit of the story that relates to the illustration. I hope you like them. 


Rhiannon, Pwyll and the Hideous Claw by Matt Brown

A hideous, monstrous claw, attached to a hideous, monstrous arm, reached through the open window. Its boney spindle-stick fingers, spikey and stiff, crept towards Rhiannon and her baby boy.


Branwen and the Cauldron of Rebirth by Sophie Anderson

“The forest is the masts of ships, carrying warriors from my homeland,” Branwen replied. “And the mountain is the head of my brother, Bendigeidfran. The caves are his nostrils, the ridge is his nose, and the lakes are his eyes."


Happily Ever After by Nicola Davies

There was a clap of thunder from the cloudless sky, and everything human, except for the four of us and our horses, vanished. The dawn light fell on fields where no lambs bleated and villages where no hearth fires smoked. There was only the wild; thickets loud with birds, rivers thick with fish and deer on the hillside.


Meadowsweet and Murder by Eloise Williams

As the spell settled, a woman made of flowers appeared. Her hair drifted like a field of wildflowers in a gentle breeze. Her eyes sparkled the green of new shoots in spring, and the heady scents of a thousand blooms kissed the air around her.

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Liz Thompson
 Liz Thompson says:

Thank you!

posted 16th June 2021

Philip Prydderch
 Philip Prydderch says:

Love it!
It’s at 123% now so fingers crossed for 125% very soon!

posted 16th June 2021

Gabriela Steinke
 Gabriela Steinke says:

Beautiful! Hope it happens!

posted 16th June 2021

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