The Low Road

By Katharine Quarmby

The Convictions of Hannah Tyrrell

Monday, 13 June 2022

Manuscript delivery day!


I sent the manuscript of The Low Road to Unbound today, and I'm looking forward to the production process- about which I'll keep you updated..

I spent a bit of time this week with the team behind the brilliant, global Conviction Politics initiative, which seeks to tell the stories of many of those who were transported, especially the political activists. We had a workshop together in London and then I did an interview about an idea close to my heart, which is to campaign with others for a Convict or Transportation museum in the UK, so we can remember that part of our history. I wrote about that idea, and the forgotten history of what was the largest forced migration of unfree labour in our history, here.  There is a wealth of material on the Conviction Politics site, including this rip-roaring protest song, by descendants of convict women and other information about the lives of women like Hannah and Annie. 

Thanks to all of you, the history of Mary, that desperate, poor young woman buried somewhere near the field below, will come back to her Harleston hometown and to a wider audience, as well as that of her daughter and the people they loved and tried so hard to protect.



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