The Lost Spell

By Yismake Worku (translated by Bethlehem Attfield)

Monday, 28 February 2022

To The Presses!

Dear subscribers,

We are pleased to confirm that The Lost Spell has been approved at the printers and our hand-printed covers have been received.

There is one final delay, which is a UK paper shortage due to trade barriers at Calais. We bought the last 140 sheets of the cover paper in the UK! Now the pages themselves are in a three week queue...

So we should have paperback books to send you around 21st March.

Handmade subscribers will receive their books closer to August. Progress can be tracked on our departures board! 

Thank you for your patience!

David and Ping Henningham  

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Michael ONeil
 Michael ONeil says:

Can we get an update on this project please?

posted 11th November 2022

David Henningham
 David Henningham says:

Dear Michael,

Our apologies, we've been updating this project chiefly via our Instagram and Twitter channels since the paperbacks were printed. Lots of good news continues to come, for example The Lost Spell was selected as a book choice by the Anglo-Ethiopian Society.

Adepts can follow our progress binding here:

In short, due to the effects of Covid on the editing process (which was being done internationally) the book was delayed for a few months. Handmade copies will be complete by Feb 2023.

posted 14th November 2022

Michael ONeil
 Michael ONeil says:

Hi. I still haven't got my book. Can we can an update please?

posted 24th May 2023

David Henningham
 David Henningham says:

Dear Michael,

We are very sorry for the delays. We have continued to struggle to overcome delays caused by illness. However, we have made progress and the edition will definitely be completed. The pages are printed and the cover is designed. What remains for this project is the sewing.

We always send an email notification before we post a book, so it does not come out of the blue.

posted 24th May 2023

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