The Lost Spell

By Yismake Worku (translated by Bethlehem Attfield)

Friday, 8 October 2021

Asymptote Podcast

While editing of The Lost Spell continues, Bethlehem Attfield is a guest on the Asymptote Podcast.

I've spent the day just outside Yirgalem in the form of a dog. A dog who lacks the power of speech, yet likes to dawdle, correcting spelling misakes on the shopfronts.

Meanwhile, Bethlehem Attfield has something more important to say. As a guest on the Asymptote podcast, she has been advocating for African vernacular languages in translation. You can hear the interview here, including a reading from her new co-translation of Mulugeta Alebachew’s short story “Heaven Without Prickly Pears”.

Asymptote Podcast: In Conversation with Bethlehem Attfield - Asymptote Blog (   

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