The Lost Spell

By Yismake Worku (translated by Bethlehem Attfield)

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

A Special Message from Henningham Family Press

Henningham Family Press are delighted to announce the crowdfunding has begun for two new novels from Paul Griffiths (author of Mr. Beethoven and The Tomb Guardians)! 


First up is a 15th anniversary edition of his seminal novel, 'let me tell you', where Ophelia tells her own story, but is limited to the vocabulary Shakespeare gives to her in Hamlet. It is a subtle limit, but it expresses both her right to tell her own story and the constraints placed upon her as a woman. We also publish a brand new sequel called 'Let Me Go On', in which "O" meets others on a similar path and explores a fabulous new world.


“Paul Griffiths is one of a handful of fine writers to find the secret passage leading from restriction to richness." - Adam Mars-Jones, author of Box Hill


For lovers of the handmade, there is an exquisite twin Artists' Book edition planned in a dos-à-dos binding! The paperbacks will be bound in a bespoke two-tone green paper we are making with G.F Smith, foil debossed in gold! 


Click here for a sneak peek at these exclusive paperbacks and limited editions! LET ME TELL YOU (


The eagle-eyed will notice that this link takes you direct to Henningham Family Press. That's because partnership campaigns at Unbound have now come to an end and you will be pledging directly with us.


Don't lose touch


To stay updated about let me tell you and future Henningham Family Press publications, you will need to join our Mailing List <>. Our Instagram  handle is @HenninghamPress <> where you'll see insights from our bookbinding studio - for those of you who are curious about what your books look like inside the spines!


Thank you so much for supporting us! Together over the last 4 years we have achieved so much!

Mr Beethoven received many accolades, including the Goldsmiths Prize 2020 shortlist.

The Blackbird artists' book and The Tomb Guardians were nominated for prestigious Gmund Design Awards in 2021. 

We launched Bethlehem Attfield's career as a translator, including a first translation award shortlisting for The Lost Spell by Yismake Worku. 

This was an enormous amount of ground for a two-person band like Henningham Family Press to cover, and we couldn't have done it without your support and our partnership with Unbound.


Lastly, those of you who have pledged for Foulness by David Henningham will be pleased to know the paperback publication date has now been set for 26th July 2024! You will continue to receive updates via email.


Best Wishes,

David & Ping Henningham

Henningham Family Press


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Michael ONeil
 Michael ONeil says:

This is great news. Any chance you can update the status of The Lost Spell? It's been over a year since the last update, and I've still to receive me 'Adept' copy that I pledge for.

posted 24th May 2023

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