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Tea connoisseur and angler Chris Yates’s account of the 1981 fishing season

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Chris Yates is one of the most celebrated anglers in the world today. He broke the carp record held by Dick Walker at Redmire in 1980, starred in the BBC series A Passion For Angling (often cited as the greatest fishing TV series ever made) and has written ten books, ('A piscatorial Proust – The Telegraph) including a series of diaries published between 1977 and 1980. The final volume of the River Diaries never made it into print, however, because Chris lost it somewhere in his house - a tragedy for all fishing fans as it included the last days Chris spent fishing at Redmire after his record catch and the early days of the Golden Scale Club.

Happily for us, last Christmas, thirty years after the original series was published, William Yates discovered an old battered photograph album in the bottom of a box full of Christmas decorations. The 'Lost' Diary had been found, and now you can help get the final diary in the series into print by pledging today.

Praise for Chris Yates:

'Chris Yates is a god' – Condé Nast Traveller
'There can be few who have explained so elegantly both the zen-like trance of the serious fisherman and the all-too-active comedy of preparation, expedition and return' – Guardian

I am a photographer and a writer but mostly a fisherman and a father.

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Took the punt out after my meal, and cruised gently into the weeds, where lay, basking, the carp. The fish didn't seem to mind me, and I was able to drift right next to a Mirror of maybe 30 pounds, and a very big Common. Suddenly the potential in my position was realised, and I gently made for shore. Once there I hurriedly got a rod, net, and a tin of maggots, and after baiting up, drifted back into the weed beds. The sun was hot on my back, and my heart began to pound as I dapped that same big Mirror Carp with a bunch of maggots. But the punt drifted just too close, and the fish became wary and cruised off. They didn't go far, though - they came to rest next to the large Common carp just to my left.

I paddled as quietly as I could and then dropped the bait onto the Mirror's nose from about 15-foot. It just hung there in the weeds, and the bait was clearly visible, right next to its face. The boat began to drift away in a gentle breeze, and I had to use the paddle with one hand and hold the rod with the other. The fish seemed to understand what was going on, and once more it swam quietly away, though the Common remained, and I dapped for him, but with no result.


Chris Yates at Soho Lit Fest

Monday, 4 August 2014


As a supporter of The Lost Diary we thought you'd like to hear that Chris Yates will be appearing at the Soho Literary Festival on Saturday 27th September at 6pm. Tickets and more information are available here, should you wish to attend. 


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