The Log House

By Baylea Hart

A woman abandoned in a deadly forest is forced to fight for her survival

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Trouble with Genre

Recently I've been considering the genre of my novel The Log House. 

From the moment I began writing, I had always considered it a horror novel. Horror was always what I wrote, after all. Besides, what could a novel about a creepy forest filled with monsterous children be, if not horror?

Many things, apparently.

Since delving into the depths of Twitter, I've found many genres my novel could slot into -

Supernatural thriller
Post apocalyptic horror
Dystopian fiction
Survival horror

But when you're faced with so many options, what on earth do you market your novel as? Post apocalyptic, dystopian, supernatural horror thriller is a bit of a mouthful when describing your novel to potential readers.

So, I would like your help. Below I will post the synopsis to The Log House - a once horror, now unknown genre novel. Would you consider it a horror? A supernatural thriller? Or something new entirely?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, as well as what you think of the various new genre categories being banded around. Do you miss being able to walk into a bookstore without being bombarded with various subgenres? Or do you find the new categories an exciting addition to the industry?

I hope you are all well!


Penny is a survivor.

She's had to be.

The world is different now. Unsafe. Humanity has been forced into hiding, locking themselves away from the dangers outside. The dangers lurking within the shadows.

Penny has spent her whole life locked away, safe within the walls of an old manor house she shares with hundreds of others. Safe alongside her son. Her miracle.

But there are more monsters than the ones outside the house. Jealously watching Penny's every move, Mary waits for her opportunity to strike. An opportunity she takes one autumn evening.

When Penny wakes that morning careening down the Death River, head throbbing on a leaking makeshift boat, she knows Mary is responsible. Mary, who has already ruined her life once before. Mary, who will not be rid of Penny that easily.

But in order to get revenge, Penny must first navigate the deadly forest she has spent her life hiding from. And Penny is not alone. Between the thick trees, inky eyes follow her as she moves. Their smiles growing.

The Log House is a character driven horror novel about revenge and survival. With a morally ambiguous main character, things lurking in the darkness and a story that spirals ever onwards towards the place it all began. Mary, Penny, and the log house.

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