The Lion & The Unicorn

By Tom Ward

A policeman sets out to investigate a murder in a near-future where bad taste is illegal.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021


Hey everyone,

A breif update – I've finished all the final little checks and edits of the book, the cover is done, and it's all looking good.

I'm really pleased to say you should all get your copies on or maybe even just before the 2nd September when it's out! It's too late to add names to the supporter lists now, but I will be offering signed copies if you want to get some as gifts etc.

I've contacted everyone directly who pledged for the Launch Party Invite level. Initially I had planned to do one in London, but Covid has made this prohibitive.

If I still owe you a personalised poem or story please do let me know and I'll do those ASAP! (Or at least before the book comes out, I promise).

All for now.

Thanks everyone for your support. 

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