The Lion & The Unicorn

By Tom Ward

A policeman sets out to investigate a murder in a near-future where bad taste is illegal.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019


Hey everyone,

As the year comes to an end, The Lion & The Unicorn is at 48%! It's fantastic that so many of you wanted to support, and I'm sure the final book won't dissapoint.

Obviously Christmas is a time for giving, so I wanted to remind everyone that personalised short stories and poems are available as pledge packages. Want one for your gran / partner / dog? Say the word and I'll get it sorted in plenty of time for Christmas Day. Plus, every book pre-order comes with a name listed in the back for ever and ever, so you could think about making a pledge on someone else's behalf so they can see their name in print.

Whatever pledge level you've gone for, and whatever you're reading/ eating / drinking right now (Bailey's, surely), thanks again to everyone who's supported the book so far, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from me and Ralphie.


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