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By Francis Pryor

Archaeology can be a dirty business

Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Real Life Shed is a Mess

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anonymous requested account delete
 anonymous requested account delete says:

At last something in your shed Francis! Thanks for the blog to which I subscribe, mostly for Archeology but also I live surrounded by sheep on my landlords farm so gives me a bit of material for leaning on gate times with him down here nr Dartmoor. Did you see Raksa's interesting blog last week vis à vis Time Team and women and the dumbing down of documentaries? Cheers Pete Baldwin

posted 4th April 2013

Isa Forde
 Isa Forde says:

What is a shed... if you're not there - I may as well be in Ely or St Ives (to paraphrase the song).

posted 21st August 2013

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