The Laughing Baby

By Caspar Addyman

The extraordinary science behind what makes babies happy and why

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

100% Funded!

Thank you everyone. With your help and generous support we've done it. We have just hit the 100% funding target which means the Laughing Baby is definitely happening. I have a big smile myself.

Even more exciting, part of the final lump of funding came from a German publisher who bought the German rights. This only happened because they saw that book had support from readers. That's the magic of the Unbound and so Vielen Dank, and watch out for Das lachen Baby

What happens now?

With fundraising out of the way I am and my university teaching done I am now 100% writing. The manuscript is about 60% done now. It should be finished sometime in the summer. Although actual book will be still be some time away. But I will be posting chapters and other updates here. There are still a few surprise annoucements to come that I can't talk about yet. 

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word. Now that the book is guaranteed to happen, hopefully we can gather some more supporters to the cause. 

Keep laughing,

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Louise Foxcroft
 Louise Foxcroft says:

Congratulations! I'm looking fwd to it - have an avalanche of grandchildren this year.
All best,

posted 29th March 2017

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