The Last Truth

By Brian Thomas-Peter

The Last Truth is about denial and the burden of unwanted responsibility. The damage caused leads a divided family to violence, destruction, and understanding

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hot reviews of 'The Last Truth'

"I recommend Brian Thomas-Peter's novel The Last Truth. This novel does something exceptionally difficult: it makes convincing fiction out of real clinical and forensic experience. That is a great challenge; and BTP meets it."  Brean Hammond (Emeritus Professor of English Literature at University of Nottingham) recently offered this pre-publication review of The Last Truth, on LinkedIn.

The full picture of reviews is that ten people have read all, or substantial sections of The Last Truth. The group included two journalists, an English literature student, a company CEO, a fashion designer, a librarian, a judge, a philosophy professor, an academic administrator, and a professor of English literature.  The strong consensus was that the book was a ‘very good read’.  Two readers completed the book in a single day.  Two others used the description “Wow” in written feedback while others commented how much they looked forward to getting back to it.  Another wrote, "...fabulous…Overall it is going to haunt me for some considerable time."  None reported reading anything like it.  Several mentioned that they enjoyed the structure of the story.  It seemed the women enjoyed the human drama while the men enjoyed the pace and intrigue of the story.  

It has been very encouraging to get this kind of feedback; to know that your work is having the effect on people you were hoping for, especially in the darker moments of self doubt about the whole project.  Getting over the internal narrative of "Why did I bother?", needs a regular feed of those who disconfirm the doubt and encourage you to continue or expand an idea, or develop a character in this way or that.  I have discovered two 'must do' elements of the review process.  First, it is most helpful to select those potential reviewers who would be least biased in my favour and most likely to say what they think.  Secondly, whatever they say, I had to take it seriously and make some changes.  I don't think you have to make every change or take up every suggestion that is made, but if you do not act on most of them, why did you bother asking for their opinion.

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