The Karma Farmers

By Pierre Hollins

A crime thriller, an existential mystery, a love story

Monday, 24 July 2017

release date...

Dear Pledgers

The ebook edition of The Karma Farmers will be released on the 8 August – and you will all be sent a copy to your email address – it can be uploaded to whichever digital reading platform you use.

I can’t thank you enough for your kind support. As you might or might not know, all the money raised was used by Unbound for editing and production costs. The editing was so thorough; three separate rounds (structural, copy and proof edit) each of which hugely improved the product. I have you pledgers to thank for that, because without the funding I would never have undertaken this degree of re-write, and probably would have self-published the book in a somewhat unfinished form.

Now… Since the deal I made with Unbound, to have The Karma Farmers on their digital list, they have made a new deal to have to book also available as a paperback. I am crazy pleased about this.

So… There will also be an opportunity to have a paperback version – available from Amazon, and from Unbound - but just to point out, this is a separate issue to the original ebook deal.

Also… There is a serialisation of the book available from – a great company who have included extras into the text (like links to music references, pictures, background info, and opportunity to chat to the author). So that's well worth having a look, as they have a great selection of titles on their site. 

Ok. That’s it. Hope you enjoy the read.



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