The Karma Farmers

By Pierre Hollins

A crime thriller, an existential mystery, a love story

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I have recently been accosted by pledgers - some supportive, some suspicious - all asking the same thing: ‘So where’s this bloody book then, Hollins?’

Good question.


Here’s where we’re up to:

Structural edit, done!

Copy edit: done!

All that’s left is page edit, cover art, and marketing strategies.

Unbound are planning to launch early next year.


I hope the wait will be worth it. *

Big Thanks again for your pledging support.

You have not been scammed. **

Soon Man, soon.

Happy holidays. x


* It will be (because everyone loves a crime fiction / occult mystery crossover, right?).

** Honest.

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Mark Laing
 Mark Laing says:

Go Pierre go!

posted 30th November 2016

Pierre Hollins
 Pierre Hollins says:

Haha. Thanks Mark. Good to hear from you.

posted 1st December 2016

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