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A crime thriller, an existential mystery, a love story

Above his desk is a quotation from William Blake: I must create my own system or be enslaved by another man’s.

And to this end, Bradley Holmeson, a thirty something bookshop manager, has self-published a revolutionary manifesto and hidden copies on the shelves of local bookshops. He’s not looking for revolution so much as notoriety, believing literary success might be enough to win back the affections of his estranged girlfriend.

Of course, all armchair revolutionaries have a theory that promises to change the world; but Brad’s manifesto is based on an unsung scientific paradigm: a lost holy grail of scientific theory written in the 1950s by a theoretical physicist, the late David Bohm.

Armed with his radical exposé of Bohm’s work, Brad believes he’s on the verge of a stunning literary adventure. But his seditious manifesto begins to attract the wrong attention… A pair of occult-book collectors are keen to promote his revolutionary ideas. They propose to put him in touch with a retired Special Agent; a former shadow of the Marxist Bohm – but when the agent is killed, Brad’s dream of literary success turn into a murder investigation.

Compounding his problems are the reluctant girlfriend, a retired detective intent on revenge, and an American Homeland Security official ready to compromise the truth in his search for promotion.

Salvation arrives in the unlikely form of the contract killer Finnigan; a cold-blooded mercenary unhinged by memories the man he’s assassinated. Thrown together by circumstance, and pursued by the law, Brad the Hipster and Finnigan the Merciless must resolve their differences to uncover the reason for the agent’s death.

This novel is a quest for the Holy Grail of science, should it exist.

It’s an adventure in which this everyday armchair revolutionary becomes embroiled in occult murder; where he meets the violent, the obsessed and the dangerously misguided, armed only with his defensive sarcasm…

And all to win back the affection of the woman he loves.

*For the completists: Brad’s self-published manifesto, Death and Physics, the object that began this rebellious escapade is included at the end of the novel, describing the scientific rationale that allows the story to play out.

Pierre Hollins is an award-winning stand up comedian.

Has written for tv and radio. His cartoon strip ‘GURU’ featured in the Fortean Times for many years. He cycles, he builds furniture, and he’s a proud father of three children who are all independently successful and fulfilled.

He recently bought another electric guitar, and his girlfriend still loves him. This is his first novel.

There was one night during that first summer, the air thick enough to cut with a razor blade, and humid – loud with the singing of cicadas, the buzz of mosquitos and the whole wealth of tropical wildlife echoing down from the trees. A reminder from the jungle that civilisation is just a blip in time. They headed into the city for a drink. It was the beginning of the rains, the streets shone with automotive electric blaze and the atmosphere crackled with static. They found a street just as the bars were waking up; where the night shift of peacocks would strut, and some of the city’s 10,000 musicians began to hit their pay dirt.

Then the rains fell suddenly and hard, usurping the light from strings of coloured bulbs and the candle lit booths, with explosions of thunderous sheet lightening. Breathtaking in its power, dropping rain like liquid pebbles that smashed into their skin and hair and eyes, plastering their shirts to the skin in seconds. It had been hovering for days this storm and as it finally landed, it threw human preoccupations into chaos and washed them down the drains.


release date...

Monday, 24 July 2017

Dear Pledgers

The ebook edition of The Karma Farmers will be released on the 8 August – and you will all be sent a copy to your email address – it can be uploaded to whichever digital reading platform you use.

I can’t thank you enough for your kind support. As you might or might not know, all the money raised was used by Unbound for editing and production costs. The editing was so thorough;…

almost there!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Img 3270

This seems to have taken forever. Thanks for bearing with me, those of you who pledged to help make this happen.

There's the final rewrite, sitting on a pile of previous versions, the earliest dating back to sometime last century.    


Pierre Hollins commented on this blog post.
Pierre Hollins commented on this blog post.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I have recently been accosted by pledgers - some supportive, some suspicious - all asking the same thing: ‘So where’s this bloody book then, Hollins?’

Good question.


Here’s where we’re up to:

Structural edit, done!

Copy edit: done!

All that’s left is page edit, cover art, and marketing strategies.

Unbound are planning to launch early next year.


I hope the wait will…

lyrical permissions

Thursday, 12 May 2016

I've used a song lyric in my book by a singer called Jim White. It's during an exchange between two characters, where one is trying to cheer the other up by singing to him.  

The song in question is called Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi, from the album No Such Place.

I need permission to use the verse, so I sent Jim White an email, and within an hour he'd sent me this great reply. Sadly…


Monday, 11 April 2016


I’ve just realised some of you pledgers aren’t on Facebook, or you might have missed my last Facebook post. So massive thanks to you all, THE KARMA FARMERS has reached it’s total!

Over the next few weeks the final edit will begin.

I’ll be keeping you updated (whether you like it or not).  

Thanks again! Speak soon x

William Blake

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I must create..

Above his desk is a quotation from William Blake...

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