The Iron Bird

By Robert Woodshaw

A novel that takes the premise of ANIMAL FARM and applies it to the life of Margaret Thatcher.

Monday, 11 February 2019

We did it!

THE IRON BIRD has been published – great!

Obviously, I hope you enjoy it. That said, I do understand that the relationship between an individual reader and a novel is a personal thing. In fact, I should imagine that, just like Margaret Thatcher, this is going to be a book that divides opinion. If so, that’s fine. The important thing is that – thanks to your support – this rather unusual tale about Britain's first female prime minister has made it out into the world. Fantastic!

Of course, the temptation is to look on publication as the end of a process – and perhaps to a certain extent it is. Yet even so, I prefer to think of it as just the beginning. Why? Well, the UK publishes more books per capita than any other country, so I’m afraid it’s all too easy for a debut novel to get lost in the noise. It's essential that I promote THE IRON BIRD, then – exciting, of course, but also a bit daunting. And so I wonder whether I could ask for a little help?

You see, over the summer I managed to persuade Clive Russell (GAME OF THRONES, RIPPER STREET) to record a short extract from THE IRON BIRD on camera – and so, just like a movie, the book has a trailer. Here is a still:

Now, of course, it's great to have a trailer, but I'm afraid it isn't going to do much good unless people get to see it. And so could I ask you to call in at and take a look? You'll notice there are a couple of buttons beneath the video ("Share on Facebook", "Share on Twitter"). Please feel free to click on them! It would be great to get Clive's performance out there.

Oh, and while you're on the site, do spare a moment to have a look around. There's quite a lot to check out, including a competition to win some Thatcher-related goodies. (This started during the crowdfunding campaign, so if you’ve already entered, no need to do so again.) Take a look at the events section too. There are some great bookshop gigs coming up, several in collaboration with other Unbound authors. In fact, in Bristol on 26 February, I'll be teaming up with Stephanie Bretherton and Alice Jolly to discuss Alternative Approaches to Historical Fiction, tickets here. And towards the end of March Lucy-Anne Holmes and I will be presenting an evening of Sex & Politics at Foyles, Bristol, and at Housmans Bookshop in King’s Cross. It would be great to see you at any of these events, if you'd like to come along.

Not able to make it? Well, then, perhaps I could ask another favour? As you can imagine, reviews are incredibly important for authors, largely because they help create social proof – essential for online sales. And so once you've read the novel, I'd really appreciate it if you could call in at Amazon and Goodreads and scribble a couple of lines.

First of all, though, I guess you need to read the book. And so I'm going to resist the temptation to witter on and leave you to settle down with it. Enjoy!


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