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Friday, 10 November 2017

So What Happens Next?

I'm still blown away by the generosity and support I've received from so many people over the past two weeks. Together, you have guaranteed that my first book, The Intrapreneur will be brought to life.  Many thanks once again.

So, what happens next?  

Well, I'm learning that writing a book is quite a journey.  In fact, 'writing' a book is the easy part - it's the editing that takes the time.  I completed my full manuscript some time ago but now that the crowd funding has been successful, it's entered the production process.  This consists of three broad phases;  a structural edit, a copy edit and then final proofing.  The structural editing process takes the longest, usually about 8 weeks.  This is where my beloved manuscript gets hacked around, pulled apart and hopefully put back together again, better than ever.  That's the theory.

I found out today that I've been allocated a structural editor (formerly from the business side of Bloomsbury). They're now reviewing my manuscript while I slowly nibble away at my fingernails, waiting to hear what they think of my precious epistle.  If they like it, I'll be sure to let you know.  Either way, I'll work on their suggestions over the coming weeks, perhaps taking a couple of iterations, before we move on to the copy editing stage.  It's quite exciting.

In the meantime, I'm focussing my attention on trying to drive awareness for this nascent "Intrapreneruship" movement.  I was in Skopje, Macedonia last week giving a keynote at the Companies Doing Good Forum.  I'm off to Oxford University tomorrow to take part in a debate at the Emerge Conference for social entrepreneurship and will stay on to give a presentation to 100 business executives at The Intraprenur Lab at Said Business School. I also gave a video presentation at this week's Impaqt Virtual Summit - Here's the link 

It's great to see so much activity.   But I could still really do with your help to spread the word.  Yes, we're more than funded, but please do still continue to spread the word and help to build this movement for change within the corporate world. Remember, any proceeds I get from the book will be channelled back into building this bottom up, purpose driven insurgency.  Supporters can still get their name in the back of the book for as little as ten quid.  Bargain!

That's it from me for now.  Will keep you updated on progress at each stage of the journey.  



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