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Find Your Purpose. But Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Out of My Hands!

Well folks.  The waiting game is nearly over.  I’ve been given my “due date” of 10th of April, when my precious little baby, The Intrapreneur, will see the light of day.  The only reason this birth will happen is thanks to the generous support from over 300 family and friends – all of you who are receiving this note (you get quite a bit of spam from Unbound too I’d told - sorry). 


The last time I wrote to you I was in the middle of the copy editing process.  Then I went on to discover the crucial role a proof editor plays.  Over several iterations, every grammatical error, wrong tense or spelling mistake was meticulously corrected.  It was all done in painstaking detail – especially for someone who doesn’t do detail.   I was sent the final page proofs to review and you’ll be pleased to know that all your names are listed as supporters.   Then, on 21st March it went to the printers.  No more tweaks.  No more polishing.  No more slipping in an extra clever line here or there.  It was out of my hands. I think you’re meant to crack open a bottle of bubbly and light a large cigar at this stage – I managed the former.

So what’s next?

Well, if I’m honest, I could still do with a bit of your help.  What, even more you say?  Yes.  You are my tribe, my community of interest, my network. I know I risk exploiting your generosity.  However, my friends at Unbound tell me that it’s really important to drive pre-launch sales and post launch reviews so that I trigger some clever algorithms on Amazon that might place my precious offspring in the business best sellers charts.  I know you’ve already coughed up a load of money and have all sorts of packages of paperbacks and eBooks on their way to you.    But if you’re willing to help more, here’s what to do:

1) Pre-order the book (on Amazon or elsewhere).  
It’s only £4.99 for the eBook/Kindle, £10.99 the paperback and super easy with one-click.  It’s also available on Hive, Waterstones etc if you prefer.  For those outside the UK, I’m told you can get free worldwide shipping at Bookdepository.

2) Spread the word
…and tell your friends to do the same.  Here’s what I posted on Facebook and Linked-In.  ‘Sharing’ these posts helps a lot.

3) Please, pretty,pretty pleeeeeease, write a review:  
I’m told this is really important if I’m to trigger Amazon to recommend the book.   I don’t care if it’s just a one or two liner, but mucho stars would be nice.  You could paste it into Goodreads too if you’re in an extra good mood.

That’s it.  Thanks so much for all your help in spreading the important messages of the book,  around a new role for business in society.


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