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By Gib Bulloch

Find Your Purpose. But Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

All I want for Christmas is........

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last missive and I feel I owe you a brief progress update on The Intrapreneur as we go into the holiday season.

In true NetFlix series style, here's the story so far: The book got funded at the end of October after just a few days (huge thanks for all your support) and I was then appointed an editor by the publisher for the structural editing phase.  My manuscript was sent off to a complete stranger for a thorough three week review.  For those of you with kids - imagine giving them over to someone you've never met and spending several weeks waiting to hear their feedback on what they like and don't like about your little darlings.  Well, that's how I felt for much of November.   I'm pleased to say that the feedback on my 'literary offspring' from my editor, Lisa, was very positive.  She had enjoyed the story and the proposed edits were far less than I'd feared.  In fact, I agreed with all the suggested changes and have just submitted my revised manuscript last weekend.   We'll have one more iteration before moving on to the copy editing and proof editing phases.

In parallel, I had a rather fun discussion with Mark, Unbound's Art Director about cover design ideas.  I was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about the key messages the book is trying to convey, words to describe the mood, book covers I like etc.  I'm awaiting a few different concepts from Mark in the coming days and then he'll work the favorite one into a detailed design - this is the exciting stuff that starts to make it all feel real.

So these are the main headlines for now.  I've not been pushing the fundraising much these past weeks given we'd exceeded the original funding target and now stand at 147% funded from 273 backers.  However, at the risk of appearing greedy, All I Want For Christmas is..... to reach 300 backers and 150% funding.  We're very nearly there.    Please help by spreading the word with friends or feel free to buy another copy of The Intrapreneur as a Christmas gift for a loved one (or on second thoughts, inflict it on someone you dislike greatly!).  Either way, remember that my share of any proceeds from book sales will be re-invested into growing the Intrapreneurship movement and driving awareness for mental health issues in the workplace.

Thanks once again for your support in 2017 and I'm sending my best wishes for 2018.


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