The Intrapreneur

By Gib Bulloch

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Find Your Purpose. But Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Publication date: April 2018
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About the book

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Have you ever sat at your desk and asked yourself, why am I here?  Is this really all there is? Believe me, it isn't.

Over the past three decades, my generation created the enormous machines we call multinational corporations.  Today, over half of the largest economies in the world are global businesses - controlled by the few, while impacting the many.  Business has the power to change the world.  But what if we, as individuals, had the power to change the world of business?    

We are in the age of the intrapreneur: where mavericks and rebels bring their entrepreneurial prowess to big business, to change it from the inside out and bottom up. The Intrapreneur is the story of my dream to do exactly that and how you can too.

For over a decade, I led a team within one of the world’s largest global consulting organisations – a corporate “guerrilla movement” working deep within the system, to try to change the system. Our goals were huge: we wanted to revolutionise the role of business in the aid and development sector and offer our skills and expertise to not-for-profits in parts of the world with greatest need, but least access.

This was my dream but, until now, I have never admitted the personal toll that it took on me.

It ultimately cost me my job, my health and perhaps even my sanity as I landed myself in a psychiatric hospital for five days and five nights.

I had found my purpose, but had I lost my mind?

The Intrapreneur is a call to action for a new breed of social activist working within, about to join or completely disillusioned by today’s business world - to be the change you want to see in your company.

So my message is a simple one.  If you feel that description applies to you, either change company or better still, change the company you’re in – for the better.  

If we strive to create the organisations we desire to work in, which build the societies we want to live in, then we’ll be helping not only ourselves and our colleagues, but the world as a whole.  Join us today.

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